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Tour en Tuk Tuk et fondue (4 personnes) – La plus belle terrasse de Genève

fondue itinérante en Tuk Tuk
Genève 1201 GE CH

Rencontrer le Guêpier d’Europe dans ses falaises

Guêpier, oiseaux, espèce menacée, observation
Penthaz 1303 VD CH

A la rencontre des animaux du parc Challande

Challande, sauvegarde, animaux sauvages
Bellevue GE CH

Sortie Nature de Novembre

Affût pour observer les oiseaux migrateurs hivernants
Russin 1281 GE CH

Cours de cosmétiques bio

Chêne-Bourg 1225 GE CH

Chasse aux trésors de la nature

Smartphone, technologie, nature, apprendre à reconnaître
Jussy 1254 GE CH

Workshop en plein air pour protéger les amphibiens

barrière à amphibiens, chantier participatif, protection
Valleiry 74520 Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes FR

The path to unusual experiences Creativity brings people together

Who are we?
We are a friendly local community living in Switzerland willing to share our passions with others. We propose a fun, local and social way to discover the best part of this region.
How to betypic?
Each of the experiences proposed are activities locals do regularly with friends. Everything is organised for you : equipment, food and transport. Have a look at the activities, book and enjoy!
Who should join?
These activities are made for the locals, the travelers, the open minded community and all those who are curious to discover and meet new people.

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