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Keep it short and descriptive as it will appear on search results instead of the link description
Tell us precisely what do you plan to do and what the participants need to bring or to know.
Visitors can filter their search by the categories and amenities they want - so make sure you choose them wisely and include all the relevant ones
Please enter the location of the activity to be seen in the search. Exact location is not needed (City)
The first image will be shown on the activity cards.(image format jpg, maximum picture size 3Mo, max 1024px width)
Feel free to change the text format to fit your needs.
Please enter an internnational number +41 XX XXX XX XX or +33X XX XX XX XX
The Betypic fee is 5 CHF for each booking if your price is below 30CHF
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Enter a specific date when your activity will end
You can create a weekly recuring activity by selecting multiple days. (to stop the activitie, remove it from your dashboard)

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