These general conditions of sale (GTC) apply to all the services offered BETYPIC SARL (hereinafter referred to as “betypic”). By using Betypic’s services, you accept the conditions below without any modifications and in their entirety.
The purchaser of betypic services acknowledges that these GSCs were initially established in French. In case of a discrepancy between this translation and the original French text, only the French version is authentic.

Betypic is an activity intermediary. Participants in the activities (hereinafter referred to as “participants”) may purchase, via the platform, vouchers for cultural, sports, artistic or tourist activities (hereinafter jointly referred to as “activities”). Betypic allows the direct conclusion of contracts between the organizers of activities (generally referred to hereinafter as “organizers”) and by the participants.

The purpose of these GTCS is the use of services, which Betypic provides to voucher buyers via the following sales channels: The website, partner websites, provided by Betypic as well than the mobile applications of Betypic (generally referred to hereinafter as “applications”). Acceptance of the present GTC is carried out by the use of the corresponding services. If the participant uses different Betypic services, he may have to renew his acceptance of the GTC by clicking on the corresponding confirmation field.

The use of personal data is governed by the data protection declaration. The data protection declaration is an integral part of these mandatory GTCS.

For all services, it is the conditions of Betypic, available in the application or the website that apply. Betypic may at any time change the scope of services or suspend the performance of services.

Through the various sales channels, Betypic allows the conclusion of contracts between the participant and the organizer. Betypic works here as an intermediary of the respective organizer and is therefore not the participant’s contractual partner. The contract for the purchase of an activity is concluded exclusively between the participant and the organizer, on the basis of these Terms and Conditions and the conditions of the organizer.

In case of use of services and products of Betypic partner companies, eg., the participant accepts the applicable general conditions of sale and / or the conditions of use of the said partner companies.

Conclusion of the contract

3.1 Order of the participant

The overview of available activities, provided in the sales channels, is only valid as an invitation to bid from the participant. The participant makes his choice through sales channels. The choice made is displayed in the basket (application). By confirming the order, the participant confirms his firm commitment to purchase the chosen activities. The participant is required to provide the necessary information exhaustively and correctly during the ordering process. The contract between the organizer and the participant is concluded when the participant receives a confirmation of purchase (art 3.4) from the organizer or Betypic who represents the organizer here.

3.2 Registration

For an online order, the participant must identify himself on the website with his username or e-mail address and with his password (hereinafter referred to as “access data”; corresponding user “online account”). If the participant does not yet have an online account, he will be asked, during his first online order, to register in the online store with the necessary data.

The access data, communicated to the participant, are intended for personal use by the participant and must be treated confidentially (see privacy policy). All orders made through the online account are assigned to the participant as the online account holder and constitute a firm commitment to the buyer.

3.3 Order Confirmation

In case of order via the Betypic application, the participant receives an order confirmation by email or SMS once the procedure of the order is completed. This confirmation is not expressly valid as acceptance of the offer by Betypic.

3.4 Acceptance by Betypic on behalf and by order of the organizer

The contract for the purchase of an activity between the participant and the organizer is valid only when the confirmation of purchase has been sent, made accessible or given to the participant. Shipping, accessibility or delivery is done only after receipt of payment from the buyer by Betypic or the point of sale and regardless of the method of payment.

3.5 Confirmation of purchase
The confirmation of purchase relating to the prior order of the participant is available on the user account of the participant and / or sent by email and / or mobile message depending on the choice of the participant when ordering. The participant acknowledges that it is his own responsibility to dispose at his own risk of all technical equipment necessary for the receipt of the purchase confirmation.

Access to the activity may be denied if he does not submit his purchase confirmation electronically or in paper form. At the request of the participant, a new confirmation can be sent to him if necessary.
The confirmation of purchase includes the identity of the participant, the details of the organizer, the place, the date and time of the meeting, the material needed for the activity and the duration of the activity.

Resale of purchase confirmations

Betypic does not, in principle, prohibit the resale or transfer of ownership of purchase confirmations acquired on the website provided that the new entrant complies with the Betypic and the organizer’s Terms of Use.

Prices for vouchers, accessible or displayed in sales channels, include T.V.A. (where applicable)

The selling price indicated in the application includes the price of the voucher of the organizer plus administrative fees and transaction fees. The possible additional file fees, for the respective sales channel, according to the payment method, are communicated by e-mail or telephone to the participant.


6.1 Purchase at points of sale

When purchasing the ticket at the points of sale, the respective partner company of Betypic, as operator of the point of sale, determines the authorized methods of payment.

6.2 Order online

When ordering online, the payment is made either by debiting the credit card indicated during the ordering process via Stripe, Betypic uses the payment plugin stripe for the transaction. The customer acknowledges that his credit card data is managed by a provider external to Betypic or by payment in advance and immediate transfer (e-banking), only for ticket purchasers domiciled in Switzerland or the Principality of Liechtenstein. In case of payment in advance, payment must be made within 5 working days from the date of order. It is the date of the payment order which is decisive for the respect of the deadline. Betypic is free to choose the authorized methods of payment and if / when the vouchers that have not been paid within the time limit, are put back on sale.

Good return, refund and exchange
7.1 General
The contractual partner responsible for the participant for the execution of the activity transmitted by Betypic, resp. for the performance of the service linked to the voucher is the respective organizer. It is therefore the organizer alone, and in no way Betypic, who decides the possibility, conditions and treatment of a return and a refund or exchange of voucher purchased for an activity.

Particularities in case of moving the date of an activity or modification of a place of an activity: If an organizer decides to move the date of an activity or to modify the place of an activity, the good remains valid , regardless of reasons for changing the date or the location of the event. In the event of a date shift, the organizer must reimburse or exchange the voucher if the participant requests it. The refund is in principle made by Betypic.

7.3 Ticket Return Processing and Refund
Unless otherwise stipulated by the organizer, at the request of the participant, the refund of the voucher may be made up to 96 hours before the scheduled start of the activity. If the organizer accepts a return and a refund of the warrants, the participant is entitled to a refund of the price of the warrants in accordance with these conditions.

The refund of the price paid for the vouchers is made to the participant via a credit card credit, indicated at the time of the order procedure (in case of payment by credit card or Postfinance payment method) resp. by a credit note on the bank or postal account indicated by the participant in case of payment against invoice or immediate transfer (see 9.4.3 for the necessary information). The amount reimbursed is the amount of the activity, the transaction costs and administration costed will be deducted.

Obligations of the participant during the activity

By the purchase of the voucher or the use of the services of the organizer, the participant accepts, in addition to these Terms and Conditions, the general conditions of sale, the conditions of use or the contractual conditions of the organizer.

By purchasing the tickets, the participant recognizes the safety, access, age and other requirements for the execution of the respective organizer and acknowledges that he / she may be excluded from the activity. without compensation for failure to comply with these requirements. The applicable requirements are available from the respective organizer.

The participant recognizes that the eventual subscription to a specific accident insurance for the activity is the responsibility of the participant. Betypic and the organizers decline all responsibility in case of accident during the activity.

The participant is also required to come with the material that is indicated in the activity description. The organizer reserves the right to refuse access to the activity to the participant if he / she does not have all the necessary equipment requested and that the omission of equipment may affect the safety or well being of the participants.

Betypic provides its services in the context of its entrepreneurial resources and foreseeable requirements in a careful manner and in accordance with the rules of art, to the extent that Betypic is not unable to provide benefits for reasons of which it is not is not responsible.

The participant knows that Betypic provides its services via the Internet, resp. using communication networks. There may be temporary disruptions or interruptions in the performance of Betypic’s services, in particular due to technical malfunctions, disturbances and disruptions or interruptions of communication networks and due to a breakdown of IT infrastructure. . Betypic therefore gives no guarantee for the permanent availability and the absence of errors for its services.

In case of breach of its own contractual obligations resulting from these GTC, Betypic is unlimited liability to the participant for direct and proven damages caused by Betypic by illegal intent or gross negligence.

Any liability is expressly excluded for consequential damages or consequential damages. Consequential damages include lost profits, damage to reputation and loss of data due to prior disruptions or interruptions in the availability of Betypic’s services and following the failure of marketing channels, errors transmission, the late delivery of vouchers, information on erroneous prices or services and errors in order confirmations. Any liability of Betypic is excluded for the contents of the websites of organizers and other third parties, which refer to the Betypic applications or to which the Betypic applications return.

Betypic also can not control whether the organizer correctly and fully fulfills its obligations related services or resulting from the contract concluded between the latter and the respective participant. Only the organizer, resp. the participant, and in no way Betypic are responsible for contractual violations, in particular poor organization or execution of the activity, cancellation of activity, contrary to the contract, insufficient quality of the services and a violation of the obligations of the participant during participation in the activity.
The organizer of the activity has the duty to take all the necessary precautions and adapted to the good progress of its activity. Betypic declines all responsibility in the event of an accident.

Responsibility of the participant
The participant is unlimitedly liable to Betypic for direct and proven damages caused by intent contrary to the contract.

The entrant is required to reimburse Betypic for any costs resulting from improper use or fraudulent use of the entrant’s password.

Intellectual property
12.1 Applications and all content available in Betypic’s applications (hereinafter referred to as “Content”) are protected by copyright and are the exclusive and exclusive property of Betypic, if no contrary provision has been made . Online retail stores may contain warnings of third-party protection and exploitation rights, which must be considered by the participant. Reproduction (in whole or in part), dissemination, transmission (electronic or otherwise), modification, linking or use of the content for public purposes.

12.1 Applications and all content available in Betypic’s applications (hereinafter referred to as “Content”) are protected by copyright and are the exclusive and exclusive property of Betypic, if no contrary provision has been made . Online retail stores may contain warnings of third-party protection and exploitation rights, which must be considered by the participant. Reproduction (in whole or in part), dissemination, transmission (electronic or otherwise), modification, linking or use of the contents for public or commercial purposes are prohibited without the prior written consent of Betypic .
Final provisions

The place of performance for the services of Betypic, is located at the headquarters of Betypic, Geneva.

The participant waives the counting of claims against Betypic.

Betypic reserves the right to modify these Terms and Conditions at any time. The changes are communicated on the Betypic website and come into effect when they are posted online.

If some or several provisions of these GTCS were to be or become null and void or not applicable, in whole or in part, this will not affect the validity of the other provisions of these GTS or the purchase of vouchers. In this case, the parties will replace the null and void or unenforceable provision with a valid and enforceable provision that will best meet the economic objective of the provision to be replaced. This also applies if these GSCs were to contain a deficiency in the regulations.

Only Swiss law is applicable to these GTCS and any disputes arising out of or relating to the relationship between Betypic and the participant, with the exception of conflict of law provisions, of the provisions of the United Nations Convention on Contracts. International Merchandise Sales (CISG) and the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

The place of jurisdiction exclusively for all disputes between Betypic and the participant is located in Geneva.